polar vortex and teething pains.

Staring at the same four walls for about a week now, I have begun to show the signs of Polar Vortex boredom. It is in its later stages and is amplified by its brother; the toddler tantrums and molar teething pains. My fourteen month old appears to be suffering along side me- staring out the windows, holding her shoes in hand, and pointing “bah”. I don’t blame her- the house appears at times to be overflowing with every discarded toy that I can grab to occupy another brief clump of snowy, bored minutes. If only we didn’t live in the middle of the arctic midwest that continues to be hushed under a never ending snow drift.

And thus, the blog is born. I have admired friends’ blogs over the last few days and weeks.. even during the early hours where my insomnia appears to have an affinity for DIY posts and refurbishing old furniture. The teacher in me plans the day ahead, adjusting for the lack of sunlight and outdoor freedom; magnets, story time, letter sounds, coloring, sensory activites, snacks, meals, laundry, physical activity, fine motor, pack for Florida… the list is large and just like in the classroom, I know interruptions and time are going to be my worst enemy. Yet, all these things that must be done for the house, the Baby Bunny, and Husband- all forget that I am a crafter, sewer, do-er, deal seeker, and napper. So I endeavor to bring to the surface a little bit of me, wrapped in the blissful fleeting moments of nap time.

I hope to add my favorite deals, quilting tutorials, easy DIY crafts for the hand and machine sewer, easy beginner camera tips my favorite ETSY finds, and easy meal options for other busy mom’s struggling to squeeze everything into an hour block of nap time. So far, today’s search:

Bathroom colors ( I am really liking beach glass colors- a soft green/blue to offset our white accents). I will post a before picture and hope someone can share some suggestions!

Vegetarian meal option to share with a friend


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