itZbeen baby timer

replaces pen and paper!

replaces pen and paper!

There are few things that could help a new mommy as much as a second brain and extra arms. However, bionic features are probably not going to be carried at Buy Buy Baby any time soon. So- here I am to try and dig up some of the best new (or new to us) baby items to help with all of our time management, care for our children, emotions, mental clarity, and house up keep!

First on my list: itZbeen baby timer. The itZbeen company was kind enough to provide me with a sample timer a while back; I was so impressed with the timer that I shared it with my Laryngomalacia support group and started including it in my ‘must haves’ at baby showers. It is a simple idea: a continuous timer that fits onto your belt buckle or robe (who gets dressed when they have a new born??). There are four pre-labeled buttons that can count up from your last feeding, sleep time, diaper change and other item. Push once and they start to count up, hold down and you can set a timer to remind you to complete a task in a certain amount of time. The top has a button for a small but bright LED light (useful for diaper changes when you do not want to turn on the room lights), and on the bottom is a small slide switch to denote which side you last nursed on. Two other buttons I should mention, because they are useful for late nights and when baby is older- a lock for preventing small hands from changing your settings and mute.

I liked the timer since it replaced pen and paper notes or my ipad app that seemed more difficult than helpful. I wish it would have an option to keep total counts- as the pediatrician would often ask for how many total diapers or feedings we were doing in a 24 hour period; this could be a great add on but I am not sure how it would change the price point. I continue to use my timer with my fourteen month old- it helps transition between care providers and when we are out at a play date etc. it helps me keep a handle of our schedule.

Total cost: around $25

Necessity ranking out of 10 (10 most needed): for newborns or first time parents 9

Durability: 6 (the timer has fallen on it’s face many times with no long term damage. However, when it recently fell on the back portion where the clasp is- the entire clasp broke off. Timer still works but the two small attachments snapped. )

Options: Faceplate color (pink, green, blue, etc.)


What say you???

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