homeownership. the many joys.

Everyone always jokes about the “joys of home ownership”. Sadly it is not joyful to be spending extra money here and there and yet always finding that your home secretly knows when you have saved just a few extra pennies. On one hand I am thankful that our home requires periodic fixing- it means that we have a home. We have a roof. We have heat (typically). We have a stove to cook food. And so on.

But the appreciation for having those blessings and conveniences does not ease sticker shock with things go awry. Case in point- 10:30 pm last night our home starts to feel a bit chilly. It’s that brisk bite on your arms when you realize, ‘hmm. the heat hasn’t clicked on since… not sure’. We check the thermostat- wow, 69 degrees. (Most people might not think this is chilly but we keep the home around 73 degrees for baby bunny) I know that if it is already that chilly in the hallway baby’s room is at least 4 degrees colder. And of course, her normal pajamas were in the wash, so I had her in a summer footed pajama. That will not keep her warm. I know right then we are headed for a long night.

Fast forward, baby wakes up- she’s cold- and doesn’t want to be bundled up like it is sledding time. Furnace company tries to push us off until tomorrow, but get an ear full from a worried (and chilled) mommy, and finally arrive around 1 am. Short end of the news? Furnace is 20 years old and needs more money invested than it is worth. Decision time.

And so here we are. We were just rejoicing, and breathing a sigh of relief, a few weeks back when Husband got a new job. The bump in pay was the answer to our prayers; our grocery bills wouldn’t seem like such a blow to the bank account, we might go out to eat a few times, enjoy Valentines presents for each other, and we could spoil Baby Bunny a bit. I saw all the ‘extras’ in a new light: appealing and available. But I think God has a more ‘practical’ approach to needs and finances.

I have a hard time learning His practical approaches.

A new furnace, while warm, isn’t fun to shop for. Install. Play with. Or even look at. It hides in my cold, cluttered area behind my sewing station. But it is the major appliance in our home during this arctic hell of a winter we are in.

So we are price shopping and learning about BTU’s, variable speed motors, and gas exchangers. And… I am trying to train my brain to accept that God provides for what we need, and sometimes that means saying goodbye to things I like, and being more wise with our gifts.

A new fridge would be so much more fun to shop for. But let’s hope that keeps working for a while longer. The whole family greatly enjoys our food not spoiling, almost as much as staying warm.


What say you???

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