Dreams are so curiously intoxicating. Ambition…goals.. drive… they all charge up some part of the tired soul that makes you want to try something, that you have done a thousand times, in a new way. Trying it one thousand and one times so that maybe this time, this way, will be the answer.

I am astonished at the ability of some of my friends, digital and in person, to formulate their dreams so far into the future and yet have this tangible, clear path to get there.

I know I want to sew for profit- mind you my margins are small. very. very. small. But I have my one product on Etsy. Yet from here, it is so hard to see where to go next.  I have spent so much time on my pricing structure- researching the ‘market’ and competitors. I know I need to price my wet bags competitively with other larger sellers so that I can attract my following, but my hopes of wooing desired customers with my strengths in fabric selection, customization,workmanship, and presentation seem difficult to do when I can’t move my product. Wow… Momma’s got business issues and isn’t even a week out!

A business- even a small one- is a huge mountain to climb!! But the dream- and my hopes of reaching my small goals- are so exciting. My shop allows me to reach outside of my small home and impact many people (even if just by showing them what I can create); something I used to love about working in schools or hospitals. I used to have so much contact with people of all kinds- that it would spark my creativity.

My hope: to feel invigorated through this process and find an uplifting outlet for talents and interests God has given me. 

My fear: it won’t get off the ground enough and result in defeat.

For right now? Prep my pretty fabric stash and get creative!


2 thoughts on “ambition.

  1. You, Ms Refurbished teacher, are going to be sucessful. Only God know what direction he is taking you. So for now, just run with the opportunities.


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