beeswax FABRIC wrap. genious!

I am pretty pumped right now: my evening perusing on Etsy led me to a new product.

Beeswax fabric wrap.

Used in place of tin foil, plastic wrap or the sticky version of plastic wrap. So long chemicals (which always scared me in the sticky/push down cling wraps) and extensive processing- hello kid friendly fabric and wax!!

Here’s the low down. “Apiwraps” is the shop name on Etsy– and they are based out of Australia. Below is their company information via Etsy:

Welcome to Apiwraps – Natural Beeswax Kitchen Wraps! Based in Byron Shire I make all my wraps by hand – using lovely natural ingredients which keep your food naturally fresh for longer. Traditional oilskin is a wonderful way to store cut veggies and cheese – locking in moisture, but allowing the food to breath – no more sweaty yuck! Take a look at my FAQ’s in the policies section for more info 🙂 Big love from Byron, Freyja

I am intrigued! I am toying with new creations for my own Etsy shop but was struggling with what types of water repellant/resistant fabrics to use since I want to be sure they are food safe (which- buyer beware- many shops do not seem to be concerned with. Liners for cosmetics or toiletry bags are not food grade safe and should not be used interchangeably for snack bags. End soap box rant.) I had thought about beeswax when a friend reminded me of a local hive/bee keepers group, but have zero experience working with said bees or their sticky stuff. While I don’t think this fabric wrap would suit my current endeavor, it looked like such an ingenious and practical solution to making my kitchen safer and more green, that I had to share it with you. It is on my list of new products to try and I will be saving up for this one!!

Fabric food savers!! Photo courtesy of:

Fabric food savers!! Photo courtesy of:


What say you???

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