teach mommy how to…

It is unbelievably insane how difficult it is to learn a new piece of electronic machinery. 

This is coming from someone who grew up already taking computer classes in school in about first grade, taught other teachers the ‘easy’ way to create SmartBoard lessons, has written code (generic code) for basic webpages, and can do simple diagnostics/troubleshooting. 

Yet here I am, staring at the new honker of a computer that I am very (honestly) excited to use, but more than unsure about how to do so. It is running 97. NINETY-SEVEN updates. And we just took it out of the box. Ugh- P.C.s.

It makes me really wonder, if my Grandma needs my help to figure out how to log into the cloud and get new apps for her iPads (yes, plural)- what will Baby Bunny have to help me figure out in, oh I don’t know- 5 years?!

Maybe we will all have robotic arms extending from our jet packs with personalized name plates affixed on them. I’m sure mine will just be a flashing sign that solicits help for my confusion in all this newly created. (Or, maybe I’ll convince the husband to switch back to Apple products and avoid all this chaos completely).


What say you???

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