who says it?

Baby Bow

How often do we say ‘good job’ or ‘I’m proud of you’ to people around us?

Truly. Think about it. When was the last time you made yourself humble and vulnerable enough to recognize the actions of another person in a positive way?

I thought of this today when Baby Bunny took her bowl (full) of snacks and ran across the room…spilling her bowl along the way. I knew she would spill or make a mess today- after all, I just mopped the floors yesterday. So as she is sitting in the middle of her snack, none of which is actually entering her mouth, I waited. I waited to see what this little messy girl would do.

She surprised me! Piece by piece, she picked up each bit of cereal and delicately placed it back into the bowl. ‘AWESOME!’ I thought to myself- maybe now I will have some help on the messes one of us is making. She picked up almost every single piece of her snack and then ran off to another activity. I felt like I was watching a magician master some kind of new trick. She readily accepted her mess and then quickly dealt with it without batting an eyelash. If only all of us could do the same so easily in our own lives!

I wanted to make sure and reinforce this amazing, wonderful, much appreciated behavior; “I’m SO proud of you!! You did a great job cleaning up!!”. I am not kidding when I say her eyes beamed. She knew the message behind my words even if the words themselves were still being decoded and stored.

Seeing her elation as I praised her for something that she did so easily made me wonder why we do not recognize the efforts of others? Why are we so quick to file a complaint, give a bad review or ‘vent’? Why are we holding back this flood of joy that can be started with a sprinkling of praise? Surely life would be more sweet if we did… and we would be modeling the behaviors we appreciate for our children- and hopefully experiencing them more in return!


What say you???

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