fabric egg tutorial.

After a surprising early Easter package arrived on my door step, I decided to start gearing up for Spring! I hung our pennants on the front door and also a simple wreath the babe and I made. But I am not one for tons of decorations so my options are lacking. I want the decorations around the to be things that Baby Bunny can play with and get excited for holidays through  breakable expensive items are just not gonna swing here.

Enter fabric eggs!! They are soft, highlight some of my favorite scraps that are just too awkward in size for other crafts, and can serve as a learning tool (yeay counting/sorting fun- that’s the teacher in me).  I found an easy tutorial at “Retro-Mama” and wanted to share it with you!

There isn’t much to this one, which is why I love it. Four scraps of fabric, sew your seams shut and a simple hand stitch to close. So cute! I have a few ideas to ‘gussy’ them up a bit- maybe a ruffle here or there or some tulle (like a skirt?). But even left alone- these will sure be a hit. (They might even make it into a few other people’s baskets, too!)

Happy crafting.


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