mElle Studio. Cupcake love.

One of my favorite ‘perks’ of starting my blog and Etsy shop have been networking- I have discovered so many amazing shops and local businesses, and can’t get enough of them! (We might need bigger closets soon…) Case in point: mElle Studio. Started by Marie, an old neighbor of mine from childhood, she has turned her amazing artistic talent into wearable art- for kids! When we were growing up her artwork was typically displayed in the school somewhere and for good reason- if I could bottle her art talent I would do so in a second (my home would certainly display more masterpieces instead of master-attempts).

When I started my Etsy storefront, Marie and I started talking shop and I had a lot to learn from her; mElleStudio is doing really well (it has even been featured on!) and is full of colored pencil sketches that can be purchased as prints or, my favorite, onesies (bodysuits)!!

Baby bunny is a lucky lady because Marie shared a hand drawn bodysuit with her- and she loves it! Seriously- she walked around our house holding it over her head and spinning in circles. The girl loves sweets and pink- just like her Momma!

Hand-drawn onesie from mElle Studio

Hand-drawn short-sleeved bodysuit from mElle Studio

While the art work is top notch, I really like the quality of the transfer and the bodysuit; heavy weight cotton that (I know from experience with lots of laundry) will hold up. I can’t even tell where the transfer starts and ends- something I am very picky about, and the colors on the transfer keep the image looking like it was drawn directly on the onesie. After all, if baby girl is going to wear art, I want it to look like art and not a generic decal. I’m very excited for Baby Bunny to wear this to her cousin’s birthday party in a few weeks. 🙂

Onesie with hand drawn transfer from mEllestudio on Etsy

Bodysuit with hand drawn transfer from mEllestudio on Etsy


Marie offers designs that could work with any baby shower or gift: schools of fish for boys or girls, dump trucks, ballet shoes, dinosaurs… even custom names! Her package comes wrapped as cute as can be and could instantly be given or simply placed inside of a gift bag with tissue. (Care instructions were included in the small envelope tied to the clothing).

I can’t recommend visiting her shop enough!





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