eating out with allergies. (updated)

Begin rant: restaurants make it SO difficult to quickly identify what foods contain the top allergens. Being the parent of a severe egg allergy child- this does not make me warm and fuzzy when I think about eating out. I do my diligent homework and try to look at restaurant nutrition information prior to leaving (because I hate those stares from people in line behind me when I am trying to see if an ingredient will send my kid to the E.R.)- but so many times the 11 page nutrition sheet doesn’t include allergens! (Just calories and fat)

Solution to rant: Chick- fil-a. FINALLY! An easy, at a glance allergen menu that I can read and understand in less than 1 minute. I had to share it! The good news for Chick-fil-a- yet another reason why I love supporting them.

Like, right now. Off we go to dinner. At Chick-fil-a… with our allergen menu in hand. LOVE it when something is simple.


**Update: After dinner, I had to add a few quick notes: Chick-fil-a provides cheerios for toddlers in small containers (with lids on them)  in the same area as the silverware (a great distraction while waiting in line), plastic disposable place mats are free to use and automatically draped over high chairs, table wipes are on top of ever trash container and every table (which was super clean) had fresh flowers on it (but yes, I am that mom that Clorox wiped my table anyways), and kids meals come with REAL FRUIT bowls. Don’t be fooled by the title ‘fruit cup’- no, no, my friend. It is a real bowl of cut fruit! Baby Bunny had fresh apple slices, mandarin oranges, blueberries and strawberries- without a yucky syrup- just fresh cut fruit!!!



What say you???

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