a few of my favorite things…

As another one of my friends is preparing for a new addition, I decided to share my favorite baby items! While I have long, comprehensive list that I have shared with expectant family and friends, I’ll give you the brief version. I stumbled upon these gems after late night struggles, clearance jack-pots, and other friend’s recommendations; and I would buy them all again in a heart beat.

My [Newborn/New Mommy] Favorites (no particular order)

  1. Earth Angel’s New Momma Bottom Spray. [Natural delivery?? Use it. Believe me. You’ll be addicted and thank me later.]
  2. Burtsbees Baby Unscented Shampoo and Wash (and lotion) [I originally used California Baby products exclusively on baby girl- but found that our harsh, dry winter left her skin too dry. Switching to Burtsbees has eliminated any dry patches and even eased some dry rash around her diaper line]
  3. Nose frida [Yes, I know. Disgusting idea. But YOU HAVE TO TRY IT! I tried electric nose suckers, hospital bulb, drug store bulb.. you name it. This works the best!]
  4. Baby Ganics Alcohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer [my hands don’t bleed from over use of this! I keep it right on the changing station to clean my own hands after each diaper change]
  5. Pottery Barn Kids chamois fitted crib sheet [super soft and doesn’t pill]
  6. Ameda Breast Milk Storage Bags [easy to pour with a tear off tab]
  7. Aiden & Anais muslin blanket/swaddle wrap [so lightweight!]
  8. Baby Gap organic footed pajamas [we have gotten a few of these as love-me-downs and I wish I could fit into a pair. They are SO soft and cozy- even have a liner on the inside to keep any appliques from rubbing on baby’s tummy]
  9. Tiny Love Soothe-n-Groove Mobile [at 16 months we removed the mobile arm and only use the music box portion- baby girl loves it! She’ll turn the unit on and dance to it in the morning. Best part? It has a night light option and can be carried around like a stereo.]
  10. Baby Jogger City Select (with all attachments) [probably our most used gift from our shower sans her crib, changing table and rocker. Love it! We can even use it as a double stroller with friends with clicking on an extra seat in under 1 minute!]

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