clean-up time. simplified.

The weather today was bright and cheery- the perfect glimpse of what spring should be like. And while I am sure that it’s brief time here is fleeting, we savored every second of this beautiful day. Baby bunny, the husband and I all went on walk, broke in the bike trailer from last year, dug a few holes, assembeled our play set (yeay for it no longer being a hazard in our yard), and made a few hundred trips around in the wagon. Bliss.

And then ‘that time’ arrives.

Time to clean up. Close the garage. Head inside.

But apparently Baby Bunny thinks these things are torture and screams. She screams when we put her bike away. Clean up all the tools in the grass. Hang the shovels. Store the basketball. Pick the grass out of the bubble machine and stow it away. She does not like to leave the great out doors. {I on the other hand was worn out and ready to put my feet up!}

We finally coaxed her inside, even if it was through temptation of food and bath time (her favorites). I did not want to clean up another thing after a full day of slides, swings, wheelbarrows, bikes, etc.. But bath time is not fun time with out toys- so what is a mom to do?

Munchkin Bath Toy Scoop

Photo courtesy of

Enter: Munchkin (Shark) Bath Toy Scoop. A brilliant invention by a parent (I am guessing here, but feel quite sure it was a parent’s design) that solves all my bath time clean up woes.

  • Toys never get stinky or moldy because air can circulate
  • Toys can be RINSED while still being contained
  • Sticks to uneven tile (our bathroom’s curse)
  • Scoops up ever single toy, no matter the size, while the water is still in the tub. This is helpful because Baby Bunny gets to help (she likes the shark design) ‘feed’ the shark all her toys. When her shark is ‘full’ and hung up, she knows it is time to get out as well
  • It is not an eye sore
  • There is ONE hanging stick-em to adhere it to the wall (thank goodness because Baby Bunny doesn’t like long projects)
  • I can clean the inside of the holder. There aren’t any fingers (cough cough like a frog) to hide germs and moisture in
  • It has a narrow profile that doesn’t hit me when I am standing in the shower
  • It drains ALL water completely- compared to mesh nets that sit on the ledge of your tub and are constantly in a puddle of soap scum

In short. I love this thing! I called my brother when I got it and he thought my mommy isolation had reached a new level from the excitement I had when discussing this gem. I read so many reviews and went through Amazon best lists to find this one and it has earned every penny. Luckily, Target currently has a little sale on these bad boys ($13.49).

So now, I get to relax. Toys were cleaned up in .05 seconds. Husband is putting clean baby to bed. And my feet are finally up and resting!


What say you???

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