wee-rub. do you?


Photo courtesy of http://www.indigowild.com

Right around the time the babe was born E.J. (guest blogger) sent me the best new baby care package- ever. She filled it with products that are now my favorites (Robeez socks, for example) and a thoughtful card- one of those products was the Wee-Rub. I put it in my organized (at the time) nursery and was excited about when I would be able to use it on my unseen baby, but before putting it in a drawer- I smelled it.

It. Smelled. Amazing.

Imagine walking into a spa where fresh lavender and essential oils fills the room. Yes. It’s the same smell you find when walking past the fresh bath salts at Whole Foods- you know that small little venue- where fresh mint, rosemary and lavender fill the air and blissfully relax you right before you find that you’ve gotten suckered into your Whole Foods sized bill. It is no where near the stale glue smell that other greasy, white ointments have. It spreads like butter and is mostly absorbed by the skin. Think of this as a skin healer and not a skin barrier (there is a difference).

Baby Bunny has not had many cases of diaper rash- usually only present following a bad virus or high fever (or her food allergies). When it did erupt we immediately put this stuff all over the area (not too thick, just a light coating all over the area) and within a day it was gone. 1 day. ONE. I’ve tried it successfully on cradle cap, eczema, heat rash, diaper rash, dry skin (even on my own hands)… I don’t think there is a skin dilemma it wouldn’t work on! Ingredients: certified organic sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, beeswax (natural, not refined or bleached), carnauba wax, shea butter, goat’s milk, Bulgarian lavender oil, & vitamin E. Yep- Baby Bunny gets MORE goat milk!

Find it on Amazon or Whole Foods brick and mortar stores- just don’t leave it in the sun or someplace very warm. It has the consistency of firm butter and melts just as easy.

I’m sure when the husband reads this he will be astounded I found this many words to review a diaper rash cream… but he’s a believer too (he just probably would have said so in about 5 words).

Try it. You’ll rave about it too. (We’re on our 4th tub!)


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