break out the bubbly.


Refurbished Teacher just passed 1,000 views!!

Thank you so much for following, reading, sharing, supporting, and commenting on my posts. I am learning so much and loving every step of the process!! There are some REALLY EXCITING new things in the works… so keep following and be the first to know!

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As my own ‘thank you’ check out this FREE TUTORIAL for ‘sewn thank you cards’ from Under the Sycamore blog. (It’s my way of sending each of you a big thank you, with out the postage ;)).

diy {sewn notecards}



  • Blank cards {mine are from Hobby Lobby, used a 40% off coupon}
  • Fabric scraps {you want something with light colors, I used a vintage sheet…check out The Stash & JaneSays Vintage for vintages sheets}
  • Thin lace or trim {mine was scored at a garage sale}
  • Small letter stamps and ink pad


Step 1: cut your fabric like little flags

Step 2: stamp “thanks”….you aren’t washing these so it doesn’t matter that the ink isn’t made for fabric

Step 3: Using a medium length stitch (too small can make the card tear easily), attach the trim and fabric. I did not space between my cards, just kept going. Once I was done, I cut in between the cards…this made it go a lot faster than cutting thread on each card as I went.

I also picked up a recipe box from Hobby Lobby. Inside are my cards, envelopes and stamps. In my ideal world, as soon as it crosses my mind to write a note, I’ll do it then…not 5 months later. The recipe box will get decorated eventually, but right now I’ve got it all together to at least attempt to be better at expressing my gratitude to others.


This is an excerpt from a post originally posted 09.21.11 by ‘Under the Sycamore’ blog. Discover more of her fabulous DIY crafts/hobbies HERE.



2 thoughts on “break out the bubbly.

  1. Very cute idea! I personally wouldn’t have the patience to do that but would love to receive one! Thank you for sharing!


    • I agree, they are super cute! I always appreciate hand written cards- they are much more personal. Creating the card yourself provides an extra special touch and makes it a fun surprise to get in the mail (although ETSY has beautiful hand made cards that don’t require you to get crafty on your own ;))
      Thanks for commenting and reading!!


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