FREE PRINTABLE: family binder pdf

FREE PRINTABLE: family binder pdf

This is a great find- that I had to share with you after I tried it and love it!

About five months ago I found i heart nap time blog through a search on family organization ideas. Jamielyn is the blogger in charge of this fabulous blog that features everything from DIY crafts, recipes, and holiday tips. I decided to sign up for her newsletters and was excited to find THIS GEM– a PDF family binder! I grabbed my old teaching binder (one of many) and printed a few of the pages on card stock with the rest on normal computer paper. Here is a breakdown of the pages:

  • Special dates (I am horrible with remembering birthdays and anniversaries I filled this out and put it on the inside cover of my binder so it is the first thing I check each month and update my weekly calendar as needed.
  • Weekly planner: a simple (brightly colored) planner with abbreviations for each day and columns that organize ‘to do’, ‘goals’, and ‘menu’ for each day. I make several copies of this back to back- once it is filled out for the week, we hang it on the fridge.
  • Cleaning checklist: need the husband to help out a bit more but don’t have time to explain what needs to be done?? THIS IS PERFECT! There are five columns for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual cleaning! We check off each box as we get through them- this is a good page to stick inside a clear page protector and use a dry erase marker on it. (Now if we have free time or an eager mother in law/friend, we can go right to the check list).
  • On going to do list: kind of self explanatory. Boxes next to each line to check off as you go- ours is full of household fixes that we decided we needed to do when we first bought the house. The list is still a work in progress.
  • Contacts: a great sheet that I keep in a section for babysitters. We have neighbors, grandparents, community numbers, and the doctor’s information on this page.
  • Babysitter Notes: Easy form to fill out with all the important information. I print multiple copies and keep them together, pulling out and filling in specifics as I need them.

(Not included in the PDF but a great addition to your organized binder: 1.  A binder folder- it has holes in the side to fit into your 3 ringed binder- and a sleeve/folder for holding paperwork or small items. I put our church directory inside of it. 2. Extra clear page sleeves- we put our favorite carry out menus and coupons/gift certificates in a dedicated page for easy viewing. 3. $20 for babysitters now you never have to worry about leaving food money when someone is watching the kiddos! Our is right next to our take out menus to help with ordering.4. Blank piece of card stock and tape- put a small piece of tape on business cards for local workers and keep them inside a clear page sleeve. We have cards for sewing machine repairs, carpenters, roofers, HVAC and plumbers. Something breaks- we know right where are ‘favorites’ are. 5. Blank pad of paper or post its. Use a larger pad for on going shopping list- rip and bring it with you when you shop! Everyone can add what they need during the week to the list. 6. Ok- some might think this is over board, but hear me out- CPR notes or other medically important notes (like our food allergy plan). This way if you have a babysitter, emergency contacts, babysitter notes, and CPR/allergy information is all in one place. I know it makes me enough our nights out a bit more knowing all the information someone needs to keep my kid safe has been provided to them.)

Happy organizing!!


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