hidden gems.

Everyone thinks of the traditional ‘must haves’ for babies: burp cloths, one-sies, pacifiers, bottles, brushes, diapers, wipes, soaps and car seats- I’ve even done a list of my favorites.  But after a few long distance trips, long days at the doctor or ER, and play dates- I have a few of my favorites, that are probably less well known.

  1. KidCo bi-fold door LOCK: yes, that’s right! You thought there was no way to lock those annoying folding doors without stacking diaper boxes sky high in front of it. Skip the leaning tower and buy a 2 pack of these. They are simple to install: slide the ‘pole’ through the “u” shaped holder for the top of the door, slide the whole thing over the top of a panel of the bi-fold when it is open, close the closet doors- and slide it over the hinged area. It is impossible to open the door! Genius.  Cost: $14.99 for a two pack (Amazon & Buy Buy Baby)
  2. Vicks Health Check Humidity and Temperature Monitor: this is the one we bought with Baby Bunny was about three weeks old and they told us she had croup (wrong!). We have kept is since because it helps get a true read of temperature and humidity in the nursery- which is far away from the thermostat. For SIDS safety we found the temperature gauge really helpful to keep her room in the ‘safe zone’, and the humidity gauge helped us when she was ill or the house was really dry (pre whole house humidifier). I really recommend this for older homes and or newborns. Cost: $25.00 (Target & Amazon)
  3. Baby Chef Flawless Formula Mixer: it. is. amazing..Pour your formula (or in our case cold, clumpy- because it is non homogenized- goat’s milk) in the stainless steel cup, put the lid on top and push a button. No need to check temperature or waste time cooling off an insanely hot bottle- it is perfect EVERY TIME!! We got this as a gift from my mom when baby was born. It has helped us with late night feedings and breakfast milk routines- and everything in the middle. It is worth every single penny (and we weren’t even exclusive formula feeders!). Cost: (ON SALE RIGHT NOW) $87.99 (Amazon)
  4. Be Kool Soft Gel Sheets: kiddo has a high fever? Believe me- if your kid is like mine, they won’t hold still with a washcloth on their head, neck or back (even when they’re that sick!). What are you to do? The temperature needs to come down… fast. I rely on these wonderful little creation. It has two sides- one a gauze/cloth like shell and the other sticky ‘no ouch’ glue to adhere to the body. Peel off the shield on the sticky side and place it. We keep ours in the fridge (all the time) ready to use- it doesn’t have to be refrigerated, but it gives it an extra cool touch. Best part?? My kiddo never notices it on her. It has no odor and is light weight- I even used one when I had a stomach bug! Cost: $4.49 for a 4 count (Walgreens or Walmart are the lowest prices. Sorry Amazon- no love on this one).
  5. Ultimate Silicone Teething Feeder: don’t save this one for only teething pains. My first use was right around the time we had gotten baby food established. I would put a frozen banana chunk in the teether and have baby bunny in her high chair. She was captivated with gumming this thing to death to get a little goo out of it; and it allowed me to stir the food on the stove or finish my coffee. When she did start teething I put frozen fruit, vegetables or coconut water in it to help ease her discomfort. Another plus? Unlike it’s mesh bag counterparts- this is actually easy to clean and looks brand new after washing. (Tip: find one with BOTH sizes. The small really doesn’t hold a lot but the large can be too big for some tiny mouths). Cost: $11.95 (Amazon, Target, Tuesday Morning)

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