Friday find.

Have you ever seen those word collages? I received one a few years back as a ‘gift’ from our Principal at the time; they had created a google doc where all the staff put in a few keywords to describe each other (I am sure the negative ones were filtered out). The attributes were then put into an online word art creator and viola!- every staff member had a little collage of attributes everyone noted about them

While I didn’t really save my collage, I do have other ideas for the website: Wordle. Father’s day gift? Play room- with names of different games or toys? Kitchen- favorite ingredients? The list can go on and on… best part- it’s FREE!!

Want to make your own ‘Wordle’ creation?

  • Go to Wordle website (
  • Click on ‘create’ (top bar)
  • Paste in your text (copied from another text field) or type your words in {HINT: the more frequent entries of a single word, the larger it will be on your completed project} OR enter in a website or other RSS feed
  • Click ‘create’
  • View your Wordle creation! Click ‘randomize’ to change the fonts, words, colors, etc. or click on the top banner over your Wordle art to change settings yourself. Print, share or publicize to the Wordle community all on the same screen.


wordle, refurbished teacher, art, printable, free

Refurbished Teacher in Wordle Form


Enjoy!! Tweet your Wordle art to @RefurbishedT or #RefurbishedTeacher, #Wordle !!


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