natural teething treats.


Natural Teething Treats

Refurbished Teacher’s Recipe for Frozen Teethers!

They say desperate times call for desperate measures… this ‘measure’ isn’t really desperate- but when it is the first thing I make before my morning coffee, that is getting pretty close to it!

Baby Bunny’s teething trauma is never ending. Her mouth looks like an angry volcano with tiny tooth islands slowly being formed. It. Looks. Brutal. And her lack of sleep and eating is proof that she is uncomfortable, too. But what are we to do? I don’t want to keep dosing her with Tylenol (I am not even sure it is really helping, anyways), she won’t let me get anywhere near her molars to put gel on them (don’t worry my concerned Mommy’s it is Hyland’s gel), and she is refusing most foods except for apple sauce (or anything pureed).

Enter: frozen teething treats. I didn’t want the extra dyes or sugar in the popsicles I can buy at the store- not to mention they are enormous in size. I also know that coconut water has AMAZING health benefits, including anti-inflammatory- so it is a great ‘thinner’ compared to normal filtered water and can aide her inflamed sore gums.

I got right to work and I pulled out a small popsicle tray I got from Ikea a few weeks back (under $3) and a few other purees from the pantry and went to work. Here is what I came up with:

Refurbished Teacher’s Teething Treats

  • Ikea/ Small popsicle trays
  • Measuring cup (2 cups volume)
  • Rubber spoon or spatula
  • 1 puree pouch (I used pear, strawberry and peach)
  • ~1/2 container of coconut water
  • 1 puree container ( I used pear)

Directions: (EASY!) Open puree container and pouch and pour into measuring cup. You will need approximately one and a half cups of liquid to fill 6 small popsicle stands. Add enough coconut water to thin out the mixture and bring it up to volume. Pour into stands and add sticks. Freeze and enjoy!

Here’s hoping that it helps!


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