countdown to Mother’s Day!

Ok daddys and husbands out there (or mommys that think their other half might need a friendly reminder). Mother’s day is this Sunday, May 11!

For the nervous mom out there that needs an alternative to store-bought cards or the crafty mom that wants something a bit more personal- check out ColorPrintables on Etsy!

Personally, I stocked up on several different cards for our Mothers last week- but wanted to make sure that the other Moms in my life were recognized. My options seemed limited- have baby bunny “draw” something or dry to dust off my very rough cursive and make it look nice on a post-it. I stumbled upon ColorPrintable’s shop when finishing up my latest order from PrintableWisdom and decided this was a somewhat crafty approach I could take without leaving my house. The best part?? They are running a SALE on almost all their Mother’s Day prints. Mine was only $1! You can’t beat that!

Simply find a print you like (mine was a card) and add it to your cart. Select your payment (Visa or PayPal) and submit your order! You have the option to download instantly or go back to your Etsy account, click on purchases and reviews and click on the blue button in the right hand margin that says ‘download files’. What could be easier?? The print looks like an open half fold greeting card and prints with cut out lines. I am printing mine on left over card stock from our wedding to give the card a bit more ‘weight’.

Presto! A ’boutique’ looking card straight from your printer!! Combine it with an Etsy gift card (so she can use it at RefurbishedTeacher post Mother’s Day) and you have a thoughtful gift for any mom in your life!!

Mother's Day Card From ColorPrintables

Photo courtesy of ColorPrintables at


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