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A few days ago I shared a teaser with you: a preview of the work from the lovely ladies at Talk for Me Tees.

Talk for Me Tees is a company I stumbled upon when searching for small allergy identification bracelets and buttons for my daughter to wear. So far we have been doing well in terms of preventing ‘accidental food ingestion’- however, as the babe is running around more and more and people think it is cute to see her faces when trying something new to eat, this has become a very anxiety laden area for me. I don’t want my daughter to grow up in fear of eating at a buffet or picnic but I also know that I need to speak for her right now seeing as her favorite word is “hi” and would gladly eat dirt if I allowed it.

If you are a parent of an allergy kid, then you understand this dilemma. It is utterly exhausting chasing around a toddler on a normal day, but when there are tables upon tables of (yummy) food spread out and they are all within little finger’s reaches- well, it is like trying to contain a hurricane in a Dixie cup. The choices out there right now are really not helpful, at least for me.

I found:

  • Allergy silicone bracelets- but they are the standard large 1/2 inch ones that have an impression of letters (think LiveStrong). Problem: even child sizes are too large for a toddler, they do not ‘jump out’ at someone, and it is very distracting (have you tried to keep a piece of jewelry on a toddler? not. going. to. happen.)
  • Allergy buttons both in a standard button form and as a charm on a diaper pin. Problem: I will lose these or wash them and ruin other dedicates. They might rust or pose a choking hazard if a piece breaks off and my biggest issue would be constantly re-affixing them to her current wardrobe selection. Today alone I have gone through three outfits and the day is not over!
  • There are really nice sterling silver or even stainless steel options (bracelets and necklaces) but again, they are not sized for a toddler and pose a choking hazard (or even strangulation hazard since the chains are often a long length).
  • Custom made allergy silicone bands with button attachments to show which allergies you have. Problem: size of the band is again too large. Buttons could be popped off and eaten. Egg allergy choices are limited. And, do I really want my small child wearing a huge bracelet everywhere she goes?
  • Custom made stickers. Problem: Must order large quantity. And- I would need a large quantity since my daughter loves to peel and rip stickers.
  • Medical alert tags or cards. Problem: a toddler doesn’t really have functioning pockets and their diaper bag or other belongings might be too far away from their person to really help prevent ingestion of foods.(I do keep one on me and in the babe’s diaper bag just as a safety precaution)

There just wasn’t a solution that was cost effective, polite yet easily understood, and would make my life easier for large parties. Then I found Talk for Me Tees! I knew they understood my situation right from our initial conversation; the owners are the mom and grandmother of an allergy child. So not only do they understand how birthday parties, family reunions, Sunday brunch, block parties and summer festivals can be a scary idea to the parent, they also know what is appealing to a kid. If my daughter is willing to wear the super soft tee and likes the design, it makes my protecting her easier since she doesn’t fight me to put it on.

With my niece’s first birthday party this past weekend, I knew this was just the setting to try out the t-shirt, and possibly afford myself the leisure of enjoying a plate of my own food instead of hovering over her as she stands next to eager “baby feeders”. After all, there was a beautiful spread of food and lots of family that hadn’t been around her for a while- the potential of accidental ingestion was fairly high.

Talk to me tees, refurbished teacher, etsy, review

Endless gourmet food at family birthday party; oh so tempting for little fingers.

Talk for Me Tee’s bear shirt was a great fit for us: it was the right size (maybe a tad on the big size but she’ll grow into it) and everyone noticed it right off the bat. What a relief to have people actually read her shirt and explain to their own kids not to feed mine- instead of me needing to ‘make the rounds’. Luckily, most kids understand allergies now (because every school is full of peanut, egg, tree nut, milk, etc. allergies) and a simple ‘don’t feed her’ suffices. It didn’t solve my problem of Baby Bunny grabbing food for herself, but I noticed many more people aware of where their food was in proximity to her and made the overall party easier to monitor. The shirt is soft (with a satin tag) and didn’t shrink at all when washed (tag says to wash inside out and careful with the dryer). Look how cute it is!

refurbished teacher, etsy, talk for me tees, allergy

Talk for Me Tee’s on my Baby Bunny; helping inform the masses at family parties!

My only ‘wish’ was that the shirt was a bit more feminine, but they have other designs I will be utilizing in the future (or I might embellish one a bit more with a satin bow or a ruffle along the bottom hem- after all, this Mom can sew!). I can’t recommend this shirt enough for special events and outings; I am still in search of something that helps in every day life (when we are at the park or library, etc.) but typical days mean I am right by my girl’s side and do not have large amounts of food surrounding us. It kept generous ‘sharers’ at bay (it’s so hard to say ‘no’ to that cute face!).


Refurbished Teacher, Talk for me Tees, Allergy, shirt, Etsy

“Please don’t feed the (bears)- me”. Talk for Me Tee’s saves the day!


And now- for the best part?? Talk for Me Tee’s is giving away one of their ‘Please Don’t Feed the Bears Me’ t-shirts to a lucky winner! Simply enter the raffle below and a lucky winner will be chosen on May 19th. Worried about sizing? The lucky winner gets to select just the size they need for their child!

Raffle, giveaway, free, tshirt, allergy, kids, etsy, refurbished teacher

Enter to win a Talk for Me Tee’s children’s allergy t-shirt through Refurbished Teacher.

Want to enter? There’s lots of ways to win the prize shirt (after the jump): a Rafflecopter giveaway
Can’t see the Rafflecopter box? Click  HERE or copy and paste this address into your browser: 


5 thoughts on “tried and true.

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  2. I love talk for me tees! My son actually has this shirt and has just grown out of it. I really want another! It is so helpful, and I went on the same search you did to find easy identifiers for toddlers.


    • Lechelle, Thanks for commenting! Their t-shirts are so helpful- I’m glad you have already had such a great experience with them. Stay tuned- they are working on some new designs!! (I got a sneak peak- they’re AWESOME!) Good luck with the raffle 🙂


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