Printable Mother’s Day Banner & Party Kit

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I would assume that most people who have planned to host Mother’s Day lunch or brunch have already made their menu, done some preliminary shopping, picked out serving dishes etc.. But then again I know that with a toddler all that ‘fun’ prep. work is usually non-existent and I am pretty proud of myself if I can get some form of food out in front of each person and not have their feet sticking to the floor. There is always a happy medium between both extremes, and part of the fun in hosting a family holiday or get together are the little details. Enter Oh Happy Day’s creative blogger, Jordan Ferney- from giant dot walls to custom kite invitations, she blogs every day and shares a variety of custom creations, tutorials, and DIY ideas. I have become a dedicated follower! My newest favorite of hers? Printable Mother’s Day Banner & Party Kit (written by Alix Sorrell); LOVE IT! I am in the midst of a HUGE watercolor/printable/wall-art obsession right now (case in point; Printable Wisdom’s Ralph Waldo Emmerson’s quote), and wanted to use a bit of the feminine romance that watercolors intrinsically possess to decorate my mother’s day brunch. Price? Free! Complicated? No way- download, print, cut and hang- you are set to go! There is some meticulous cutting that you can do on the cupcake toppers (I did more of a shadow cut) but it is worth it, and I didn’t have the disc cutter that she used to make her letters on the banner- but I survived.  I am adding the cut outs to some place cards (white card-stock folded over to make a tee-pee) to keep my theme going as well as using some of the cutouts to label food on the buffet counter. Make sure the check back here post Mother’s Day for some pictures!


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