moda bake shop.

Let me guess, you are probably getting ready to leave work and go away on vacation for the weekend or (better yet) pack the kiddos up to ship them off to Gram’s and Gramp’s house for the weekend. Those are two lovely ideas, and ones that sound extra tempting right now since baby bunny hasn’t napped all day… so in that case- if you are like me, you will probably be passing the baby off to the husband when he gets home and are looking for a small moment of sanity.

May I suggest: Moda Bake Shop. The name is a bit sneaky- no it is not a bake shop. It is not a delicious bakery full of sweet treats- but rather my favorite fabric brand’s lovely website chalked full of leveled tutorials and freebies. I am currently looking for some type of ‘brick yard’ or contemporary crib quilt design to use some of my fabulous new finds. (Side note- I may or may not have dipped into the ‘kitty’ in my kitchen and bought enough fabric to appease even the loftiest quilting aspirations. What is a kitty? Well, it is an old metal jar my mom gave me that her mom had and is full of rainy day coins and small bills. Save them up and they get to be spent on something for Mommy… and is always outside of the ‘budget constraints’. This Mommy hasn’t touched the ‘kitty jar’ since we got married.. so you are kinda understanding just how overboard I went on buying fabric today).

But, I digress.

Check out Moda’s “recipes” as you steal a few minutes of solitude. My favorite category right now is “quilts”: and just like a good little site, all projects are labeled according to skill level. While many are outside my comfort zone (I am not a fan of paper piecing at present moment), I drool when just looking at some of the designs!

Need some fabric? Here are a few of my favorites!



Happy Friday!


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