free tutorial. summer cargo duffle…

Need a rainy day project or a great overnight bag? Hop over to Coconut Robot’s blog today for a free tutorial!! It’s a ‘must try’.

Coconut Robot's Duffle Tutorial

(Photo courtesy of

Coconut Robot’s modified cargo duffle.


4 thoughts on “free tutorial. summer cargo duffle…

    • Creative Saturdays; depends on how ‘beginner’ you are. Zippers are an easy install once you have mastered your machine and the technique you prefer.

      This tutorial is very similar (in mechanics) to how I make my own Etsy bags- so I found it easy to follow. But there are a lot of steps for a first time project.

      I am happy to help you through the process, if you have questions! But you might want to start with a smaller project if this is your very first time sitting in-front of a machine. My email is

      Is there a specific part of the tutorial you are worried about tackling as a ‘beginner’?


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