A Little Bit of Heaven with a Wild Side: My Biggest Struggle

After a beautiful snowfall that seemed like it was never ending- everything looked so fresh and beautiful! A fresh snowfall covers all the dirt and dead grass that a typical February holds. And although the temperatures are chilly, the fresh blanket of pure snow just seems so calming!

I wish that was how we all felt- every day- about ourselves. That each new day was a new start and held a fresh, beautiful face for us to look at.

Along this thought process, I found A Little Bit of Heaven…with a wild side: a blog on balancing faith, life and nutrition. Chelsea provides such a true experience through her writing; sharing enough to make me connect but not too much to give me that ‘awkward- should I be reading this’ feeling I sometimes have when reading new blogs.

Reading her post about Proverbs 31, I loved her desire for positive self-image and the real struggles of moms post pregnancy. Take a minute and hop over- let me know what you think!

On her blog, Chelsea shared this beautiful image from  French Press Mornings‘  scripture art; it is the perfect blend of pastels, watercolor and typography. #loveit Thanks to digital downloads at ETSY you can buy it, print it, hang it- and remind yourself every morning where to gather your beauty from. 🙂


French Press Morning: Proverbs 31 scripture art


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