About me

In my past lives I worked in the mental health field, human resources, and finally education- all before my transition into Mommy-land. I have a young toddler and adoring husband, whom indulge my ramblings, sewing adventures, painting ‘masterpieces’, compulsions to test baby items, recipes, and frequent home renovation projects. I am a vault of useless, fun facts… which is pretty much why I started writing this blog.

Prior to my own blog- the birth of my daughter was combined with a lot of research, as we attempted to work with doctors in figuring out why she was appearing with breathing difficulties and other problematic symptoms. I found Mommy Blogs and other health forums to be invaluable assets to me as I advocated for my daughter’s care. While I am currently focusing on the lighter side of parenting, my beginning months of being a Mom were sometimes uncertain and overwhelming. I hope to write more on those topics in the future when I can appropriately share our journey. In the mean time, please check out THIS LINK for more information on Laryngomalacia; and message me if your child or someone you know has recently received this diagnosis. You aren’t alone (click for support group information).

On a lighter note, I am currently exploring how to best use my current Etsy site- including what new kinds of products I should feature. Handmade quilts are something I have enjoyed working on and sharing with family at baby showers- but those are typically a labor of love and something catered towards their nursery. I might bring handmade quilts to the Etsy shop in the future, if there is a demand. Outside of Etsy, I have budding ambitions of being a semi-professional photographer- specially working in birth photography. However, as I mention to this to friends that are pregnant their first thought is, ‘no one is photographing my delivery’! Oh, if I could only convince them that birth photograph is not ‘graphic’ but a story in pictures… like a wedding!


I have been featured on:

See me featured on Babies and Balloons 'Friday Finds'!

See me featured on Babies and Balloons ‘Friday Finds’!


Interested in viewing my press kit? Please email me at: refurbishedteacher@gmail.com



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RefurbishedTeacher is now selling at Etsy.com

RefurbishedTeacher is now selling at Etsy.com


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