free tutorial. summer cargo duffle…

Need a rainy day project or a great overnight bag? Hop over to Coconut Robot’s blog today for a free tutorial!! It’s a ‘must try’.

Coconut Robot's Duffle Tutorial

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Coconut Robot’s modified cargo duffle.


DIY fever. it’s contagious.

You know you do it: start with a google image search of the item you like (dream of in your sleep) in hopes that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE has mastered the same item in a way that you can replicate- in about 10 minutes or less. But alas- all you find are short-cuts resulting in an item that will fall apart after a washing or l.o.n.g. drawn out videos of someone piecing together their attempts in between lunch etc..

I want to change that. For at least a few tutorials… let’s see where the interest is and go from there. I love hand quilting (I made Baby Bunny’s quilt when I was pregnant and have added a few as gifts since then… pictures to come in the future), have fashioned some new valances for our kitchen and bathroom, dressed up burp clothes, place mat, table runner, aprons, mastered the ‘wet bag’, created pajamas, dresses, skirts… you name it. Some of them follow patterns other are patterns of my own and come free to you with what NOT to do. 🙂

Please use the poll to let me know what you are interested in. My sewing time is usually short lived; in between naps or the occasional night when I manage to stay up after 9:30 p.m. and need some Mommy time. So I understand the need for cute ideas that can actually be completed and not cast into the corner of “to be finished”.

Looking forward to your ideas!

DIY wet bag

DIY wet bag

A must have for any diaper bag or purse… Top right is the “fancy store bought brand” and the other two are my own! (Complete with monogram)